I also have 5 herniated discs and the possible cause is also degenerative disc disease according to my doctor. My pain is so severe I must spend most of my life lying down. My doctor just increased my pain medication so I hope I can go to physical therapy now. I am going to get the first injections of steroids this week. Has anyone had serious problems with these injections? I gave my doctor records of this pain from 7 years ago after a car accident and she still calls the pain acute but this event happened and all the tests after trying to pick up a friend who fell down. I think it is more chronic and need to be treated for chronic pain, but I am going along with her program which seems reasonable. I cannot take Tylenol due to portal hypertension cirrhosis and get oxicodone which I found only works if I eat with it. If I don't eat the stomach does not seem to digest it. I do fine on the new dose. However she just changed it and I have to pick up the new prescription, kind of awful you must show up in person to get this class of medications, even though they are for very bad pain, so I must get a driver! I live outside the city so it is a one hour drive each way, very painful. Anyway. Please let me know your experience with steriod injections if possible and nice to meet you. It looks like I will be dealing with this a long time. I also realized so many odd symptoms, it is hard to tell what they are from. I have swelling in one leg and not the other. weird tingling sensations that are very uncomfortable, pins and needles in feet. and sometimes severe cramping on one side of the ribs... to say the least my life has stopped and I am not able to pursue it right now. That has been emotionally difficult, so is the pain situation. Please don't tell me to not take the pain medications because they are dangerous, because I will just think you don't understand this type of severe pain. I am open to ideas to go along with the medications and also recommendations for chronic pain specialists that are good in Washington State..thank you and hello! Amanda