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I had a tooth pulled. what more can I take for pain with percocet 7.5 325. its been 3 hrs?

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mpvt 11 Mar 2010

You shouldn't even need a opiate for a tooth extraction. I have never even been prescribe opiates for a tooth extraction. If you really think you need something else then take Advil as it is a anti inflammatory... Good luck and I hope you feel better soon... Dave

kayetree67 11 Mar 2010

well thank you. guess you've never had dry socket! lol i would rather give birth it is less painful! i am taking percocet and then in 3 hours i start hurting and take prescription ibuprofin and so on... but thanks any way

mpvt 11 Mar 2010

You didn't tell me you had a dry socket. I totally agree that you need a pain killer for that. You can take the percocet every 3 hours without harm. If you find one isn't holding you for the 3 hours then you can easily take 2 at a time. Sorry about the misunderstanding, those dry sockets are painful... Dave

donnad3 8 Apr 2010

you can take motrin with percocets.. thats what i was perscribed when i had my baby. free discount card

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