My husband and I plan on trying again in 2 months. I have developed horrible tension headaches and when I saw the dr for this he put me on Trileptal (an antiseizure/bi-polar medication). I have taken this before and it did not seem to help at all and I dont see the relevance in this case. I will not take it while pregnate or trying to get pregnate anyway. I called my ob/gyn and they put me on celexa which has multiple horrible fertility side effects and is an antidepressant which, again, I will have to stop taking in 2 months. I was also put on Lorazepam to help me sleep. I have taken it to only still be starring at the ceiling 4 hours later. Am I expecting something that doesn't exist by asking for something to just take only when its hard and to help with my anxiety and to get me back out in the public and out of my house?