I had a complee hystrectomy 14 years ago and I stopped hormone thearpy 8 years ago,i have depression and anxiety,no sex drive,dryiness.I have been on antianxiiety drugs for 20 years and depresssion meds also,i think its my hormones..dr out me on estradilol patch a couple weks ago ,wore it 3 days and had to take it off due to nauasea ..put it back on and on the 5th day of the second time wearing my anxiety got worse..is this common will it calm down... i want my sex lifwe back and some energy would be nice,,im going to a dr in a coouple weeks thats works with bioidenticals,,i think i might need testtorone... i take vitamin b comples and vitamin d as i have a definanncy in it... any advise..will hormones help me this many years after complete hystrecyomy