SEVERE within an hour. I couldn't stand it so I had to rinse it off. Does this mean I am allergic to it? When I have used corticosteroid nasal sprays in the past... I have problems with stinging and feel uncomfortable ill-like. He is looking for another topical steroid for me while I await an appt. with a dermatologist who specializes. This won't be done until Feb. My dermatologist gave me the T.R.U.E. 30 patch test which he read 92 hrs. later. All redness was gone by then. At 72 it showed redness where the tape was and other places-difficult to read. Hair product dye/other are suspect. I am wondering if the foam made things worse for me. Any thoughts??? I am afraid to use any other meds on my scalp. Note: The burning slowed down after 48 hrs. I was afraid to wash my hair today but did with FREE and CLEAR which I have been using-this time with COLD water. Any advice? Thanks much.