i'm on narco for chronic pain in my back&stomach.but it's not working that great now or either my pain has gotten worse !i've also had precerts given due to surgery 5mg ,this sorta takes the edge off but i still feel a lot of pain!
of course fibromyalgia doesn't help matters any !i just know i'm tired of hurting !and i can't sleep due to it !
but here's the thing ,i'm afraid to tell my doctors that i need more pain control!i don't want them to think ,i just want more meds !i really can't afford any more meds ! but i can't afford health wise not to!
please i need some suggestion ,how to talk with my doctor !this will be a new doctor as my last one moved away from the pain center!still same office just different doctor .
i guess i should tell you that i don't take meds unless i'm in pain and yes they are a few days when i can get by with out taking all the pain meds for the day !few and far between !but because of this and a bad memory ,i did fail a pee test !not with this doctor /family doctor .
so thats some of the reason i need your help !
i pray no one will hurt as i do! but i know they are some who hurt worse then i do !God help you is my prayer !

i need something cheap and that will ease the pain more !

thanks for caring !