Okay, so at least 50 times a day, (no exaggeration there.) I get short of breath. Even when I'm going up like, 2 stairs I get short of breath. My pills don't really help my breathing any (50mg of Atenlol). Sometimes it happens when I'm just laying down or sitting in class. I can no longer sleep (or lay) on my back, stomach, ad my right side because it causes me to be short of breath. I haavee to sleep on my left side to fall asleep. When I check my heart rate its usually somewhere between 63-99 even when I'm on my pills (for me 63 is good and 80- everything else is bad). How can I get my breathing better or what should I ask my doctor about? I've had SVT for almost 4 years now and the breathing just gets worse and worse. Please help. -Alyson.