... Every pain med on the market andevery benso kloinapin is a great med I take 16 mgs of suboxone and 4 mg a dayand I feel fine when I was on 100 mg of kadian morphine itook 5 mg of kloipin I am fine I have add hd but I really only like to take adderall to play games I am a pain p curvuture of spine I dont get drs mine are great not becase they give me meds but benso s are very dangres and as long as you take them ass priscribed plus you could wake up and get hit buy a car drs need to fill in the patant everi never took methodone and I never will I have been on bensos for 15 years I am right hereso suboxone pationt should relax and I know I will never get of kloipin and I am fine but I really know about meds drs dont want to give you bensos if you are on sub s drs know that you will become addictddthey are afraid to loose there lisense and at my sub dr not plus I am a prescribed addict on paper and in three years I will be right back on the kadian besos are the worst habbit in the world but no nightmaresthanks that they cant it is true thanks mike