... brand/meds of 30mg pills. they have 1 week mallinkrodt,then activis,then qualitest(rarely) now a new to them sun or roxane 224's? there has to be logical answer,i am in south fl(pain capitol,usa) so unfortunately i get affected by the people who dont really need to take this strong of medication. i deal with the ups and downs,but i hate the fact that i cant have my preferred brand (activis 1st,qualitest 2nd) for my 30 mg roxy meds. i would be guessing but it seems to me either 1 of 2 reasons,1st cost=rx buys from distributor or manufacturer;so they buy whatever brand of the medication/pills are cheapest that time of order. i dont know order process because i have never worked for pharmacy,and have never really asked either. the 2nd would be availability, due to the volume of consumption in south florida,and for that matter pills in general, the supply may be short so they get what they can get,just guesses. any info would be nice on these questions,thanks