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I found alot of white,round pills in my daughters says AN 527?

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Inactive 8 Apr 2011

Please click on the link below:

Could the pills on the link be the ones you are trying to ID?, I can not find any matches for AN 257.

Let me know.

Take care.

angiegirl68 9 Apr 2011

Thank you... i cant find it anywhere.shes had really bad cramping.she could have got them from another girl.wonder if she could have had an abortion and didnt tell me.she asked questions but said her friend had one.hmmmm

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

You are welcome... and I hope she did not have one.

All the best.

NewYorkGuy44 9 Apr 2011

I'm sorry , but I can be of no help to you, I typed the imprint in and the shape and color, but did not receive any information about anything.
Best bet would be to just ask her what they are. For more info you can look up pills on a sight called
I wish you the best of luck, and God Bless.

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

I know you probably don't want your daughter to know you snooped in her purse, but sometimes these things have to be done with todays teens. It may be hard to do, but be honest with her, & just ask her. Explain that you were concerned about her so you checked. It's a dangerous thing to just take pills that aren't prescribed, & she should be told this also. Hopes this helps you, & your daughter is ok. Let us know. Concerned...

td1138 8 Jan 2012

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