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I found a pill in my house with no imprint bright red round shaped and is yellow on the inside?

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Plain Jane 3 Dec 2010

It is impossible to ID any pill online without an imprint - sorry. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by the FDA to have an imprint.

Your pill could be one of the following: diet, energy, herbal, vitamin, illicit or foreign.

Your local pharmcacy may help if they recognise it.

kstrouth 3 Dec 2010

i figured that... ive been trying to find it on pill finder but with no imprint its not coming up. ive been googling the types of pills you said they might be and ive found some images that look the same so im thinking thats what it is. thank you so much for your help ive been searching for hours online trying to figure it out. free discount card

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