... however, i found that when i took a couple in the morning and in the early evening, i felt better than i've felt in months, years even. i could go through the day with motivation,without the moodswings and anger problems i usually have and i was much more "with it" than normal. it made me feel like problems had solutions rather than getting all worked up and upset. everyday is a hassle in my life normally, but when i took the marinol in reasonable doses, i could stand up and deal with things like a normal rational person. now the pills are gone, and the people that i've asked say they see the difference and that i'm better, or at least easier to deal with on the meds. the problem is that i am epileptic and have a good handful of anxiety issues all of which i am on medication for. im at the top dose with most of my meds, and i feel crowded, angry, afraid, alone.. you name it. i guess my question is, could there be any hope at all that my doctor would prescibe this medication for these reasons? is it too risky being on meds that interact or that i have epilepsy?