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I forgot to take my pristiq this morning, should I take it now or forget todays dose?

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LaurieShay 2 May 2011

Hey shazzamclazza,

I don't know how many hours it is until your next scheduled dose, so I would wait and take the next scheduled dose on time. Try to take at the same time every day which will help to avoid forgetting a dose. Skipping one dose should not cause a problem though. If you are still uncertain please call the pharmacist and ask what to do about a missed dose.

Best wishes,

caringsonbj 2 May 2011

I want you to be safe asking your pharmacist who is familiar with you would as Laurie said probably the best way to go, I usually do this if I miss a dose of anything (this is just me) unless it's an antibiotic then I double check I wait until the following day (especially if it's been a couple of hours) but with you it may be asking the pharmacist is the best thing you can do. I am sorry I am afraid I haven't been of much help, what ever is done I want it to be safe and what is best. free discount card

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