I underwent total reverse shoulder surgery 12/6. I talked to my pain Dr. and told her i was worried about post op pain. She said not to worry she'd handle everything .
I awoke after surgery to find I had NO RX for pain meds NONE ! Finally my ortho started me on a Dilaudid drip yet all that did was make me puke . MY WD's were so severe I had a spinal tap and do not remember it.I never want to even look at a sub again and have made arrangements for 2 months pain therapy with my PCP. My pain Dr. RX'd 32 mg's a day-I took 8 mgs-I broke one tablet in 1/2 -yet still went through the worse WD's ever. My recovery and PT is scheduled for 6 months-I will take Tylenol and deal with the pain rather than ever take a sub again.