I don't think that is all so out of order.

I have learned I am still in my infancy stage when it comes to being on Suboxone. It will be four months on January 2/2012.

I think that is great, though, I really feel wonderful on the whole. From my own experience, these feelings to use will come and go. Hopefully, these times will get less and less

I am putting this out there, well, here, to anyone else who is going through this and is also new.
The wonder of Sub, compared to Meth, is I can't get high using Sub., where, from what I have seen in others, you can on Meth.
That leaves the door to temptation open. I would have walked through that door so many times since I started sub, if I thought I could have got high.

I am grateful to Sub, for that. The way it works has kept me walking the line to a better life, even better than it is now.

I have heard how hard it is to come off. I have read posts from people here-yes, you, runnermom, how it takes (too long) before feeling better-and yet that lady is a testimony how you can and will feel better!

Thank you to all the folks who have 'friended' me. so we can talk more openly. thanks to you, Patti, and Thor, to Mary and sweet lemon, to... I hope you know who you are, even though I can't remember your names, here and now.

WE are a powerful bunch when we come together, aren't we?

YAY-to us!!