seven more days. This was to be taken one per day with food. In the past when I've gotten poison ivy, I was given the card with several tablets to be taken four or five pills the first day with food and decrease the number of tablets as the days progressed. This time the druggist indicated that that was no longer available. I took the tablets for the first seven days but the poison ivy rash was not drying up so I called my doctor and he said to refill the prescription for another seven days. I got to the second day of the refill and I began to get additional hives and bruises. I am only getting a couple of hours of sleep because I now have insomnia. On the third day of the refill I decided not to take anymore because I continued to get hives and bruises and severe itching on my thighs and arms. I figure this was allergies to the prednisone. How long does it take to get this drug out of one's system? I didn't bother to call my primary care doctor back. Should I let him know and ask to be referred to a dermatologist?