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I don't want my real name to be seen by anyone- How do I change that?

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Rajive Goel 10 Aug 2011

I suppose you would have to amend the profile that you created or best would be to contact for advice.

Below is a link 'contact us' where you could post your query.

Hope this helps?

caringsonbj 10 Aug 2011

Rajive I hope it's been a good day and week for you~Billy

Rajive Goel 10 Aug 2011

Yes Billy, thanks, you now have a good day, cheers mate! Rajive

Inactive 10 Aug 2011

BINGO!! My dear friend Rajive is right, just scroll all the way down, you will see (in small letters "contact us") just whip off a quick email to the site admins telling them that you need to change your username.
Good luck.

Inactive 10 Aug 2011

forgot to add, once you change your username I do believe that it erases the old name for good, and your old username will not appear here on old questions or answers in the future.

Rajive Goel 10 Aug 2011

Thanks dear Lara for the endorsement, have a nice day!


Inactive 10 Aug 2011

You too Rajive, have a great night my friend!!!
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