... lorcet plus 10/325 considered to both be made from morphine?After having been perscribed the m.s.contin on a maintenance plan as well as the lorcet plus 10/325 for breakthrough pain the new pain control Dr. has taken me off of the 100mg. of m.s.contin but did not say anything in regards to the lorcet plus 10/325?He has replaced the m.s.contin with a new med Opana 30 mg. which I still need to look up it!s makeup but with it not holding I have had to relie on the lorcet 10/325 almost at the same time.Anyone know for sure if this is appropriate or not.I really felt that with the new pain control Dr. I felt Like a common drug addict looking for meds.There is not one med I have taken nor take now that a Physician has not perscribed and in fact haD initially given me grief over not taking stating they could not help me unless I did in fact take the perscriptions.After years of fighting them I finally had no choice iyt was either take the meds and be half way funtional or do not and be unable to even dress to leave the house.This was after many years of trying to work 60 to 75 hour workweeks in constant pain.Any suggestions? thanks,KAthysbest