I had a bad accident about a year ago and herniated 2 disc in my lower back as well as did some nerve damage. I began seeing my neurologist for treatment and he was prescribing me lortab 10/500 as well as neurontin, and I started getting injection therapy.
In March I found out I was pregnant with my second child so of course I started seeing my OBGYN. I told him everything that was going on with my injury and was completely honest about my prescriptions and treatment and he gave me a release to continue being evaluated and treated for my pain and injury. Because the neurontin was deemed completely unsafe for my baby I was taken off of it and only given the lortab. Then at the end of August my OBGYN decided to take over prescribing my pain meds so he could better monitor it for the sake of my baby. He cut my strength to lortab 5/500 and gave me prescriptions that had 30 pills each. I was instructed to take them every 4-6 hours for pain which meant that a script only lasted about 10 days at the most.
Now, I still had refills from my prescriptions from my neurologist and I was ignorant and thought I should go ahead and fill them or lose them. I did not take any of them as they are stronger than what my OBGYN wants me to have. But now I have been filling prescriptions from two different doctors. 2 prescriptions from my neurologist and have filled 5 from my OBGYN, totaling 7 in the past 2months.
Here's where it gets more complicated.
I got a call from my OBGYN office about 6 weeks ago informing me that my OBGYN was no longer with the practice and another obgyn was taking over my care. I had assumed that my previous obgyn had documented everything that was going on with my case, in my charts and stuff, when in fact he didn't.
So I get a call from my pharmacy three days ago saying I have been filling way too many prescriptions and they have contacted both doctors about it. So my obgyn calls and says " why didn't you tell us about the other doctor giving you meds?" I had honestly thought the doctor would already know about my entire condition but like i said my prior obgyn didn't chart any of it.
Now I am waiting to go back to my obgyn next week to plead my case to him about the problems, and of course admit my ignorance because I did t know what I was doing was wrong.
What should I expect? The nurse that called me from the obgyn office said it would be up to the doctor to contact the state about doctor shopping. What am I facing here? I understand that ignorance is no excuse however I had no idea about doctor shopping or anything of the sort. I am terrified I am going to lose my kids and end up in prison over being ignorant. Please help...