I have been goin to this clinic for over 8 months and have never felt better, I was a mess before. I was goin to work for a coal mine, and they had me take a drug test and physical. I got a letter sayin I passed the physical, but they did not ask me if I was takin anything when I took the urine test. I did tell them on my physical where it asked what prescriptions I was taking. I got the call from the drug test sayin I tested positive for methadone and I told them I knew I would. They said in order for me not to fail it I would need to get my doctor to tell them I am prescribed it, how much I am taking, and that I would be safe to work around equipment. My counselor did all of that for me and my doctor signed off on it. I got a letter in the mail sayin that I passed within normal limits on my physical, but when I called the place I was gonna work they said they were having trouble clearing my physical. I did not understand since I got the letter saying I passed it and I did what they wanted on the drug test. My counselors and everyone at the clinic had told me that they could not not hire me for taking methadone under supervision like I was. Well when they finally came to their decision they told me that I had a negative urine with safety precautions because of the prescription I was on. I feel I am being discriminated against, I have become so depressed that I have thought of suicide. I had my hopes up for this job so bad, they told me to put my notice in and I have already been replaced in my old job. I already had a place close to the job site since it was not close to my home. I am completely screwed and don't understand how they can do this. They told me it was just their policy, but the clinic says it's state policy and that a company policy can not override state policy. I just want to know if anyone knows if they can do this, and if anyone has ever been in a similar situation. Please help me here!!!