I count out my night meds and put them back in an old pill bottle. I usually pay a lot of attention, but I was watching a movie last night and picked up the wrong bottle... Ambien10mgs. I shook them into my mouth and swallowed with water, then realized that was an awful lot of pills going down and there were still pills in the bottle. Good thing its near the end of the month... I had 4 left in the bottle so I could have only taken 6 or 8. I called the doctor on call, he was like "How can you take 8 Ambien by mistake?" I felt about 6 years old after I baked crayons in my easy bake oven, He had me call poison control. She REALLY chewed me out... down to about 3 and trying to make gooey paints with laundry soap, food coloring and dish soap. She told me I'd probably be OK but might sleepwalk. The doc called me back to see what poison control said, he gave me the same sleepwalking lecture. I said I'd be OK, I'd been sleepwalking since I was a kid. Anyway, I stayed awake until around 3 am b/c I was scared, then woke up at 10:30 with a bad hangover, to someone knocking on my door. I bet he sent someone over to see if I was OK because nothing was at the door when I got there. The old crusty marshmallow.