I told my wife to help me get off the pills. She was clueless. I guess I did a good job hiding it for the last 4 years. Here's my story... I'm a 44 year old male, college educated, great job, 2 teenage boys, and a wife to die for. So how did I get hooked on Norco... good question. But it happens. I've been somewhat unlucky in my athletic endeavors and through various injuries have had 9 surgeries. Add to that 2 kidney stones and a severe migraine sufferer, I have taken my share of pain medications over the years. However, even after 8 surgeries I was still able to put down the bottle of pills. But then came the 9th one, a hernia repair, followed quickly by a kidney stone and I was hooked. At first I just took as many Vicodin as I could find, buy, or steal. Then I talked my old country doc into Norco's and without any hesitation he's kept me supplied for the last 18 months. At first when I'd run out, I didn't have any problems physically, but mentally I was always trying to figure out how to get some more until my next refill. Then one day I ran out and I was hurting bad. Couldn't sleep, RLS, the whole nine yards. Then I knew I was hooked. That was about a year ago. Since then I've managed them so I wouldn't run out, always thinking that this was going to be my last refill. HA! Yea, right. Last month I went heavy on them, knowing at the end of the month I'd be short and have to taper down. It worked. I went 72 hours and only took one pill, my last one. I was almost there, and then the pharmacy called... my refill was ready. Well, you know what happened. So now, I'm about halfway through that refill, leaving work early, or at lunch, taking 2 before I go to work, all those bad habits. So tonight before my wife went to bed I said, "Let's play doctor." Of course she said she had a headache (which I knew she would), so I said you just be my nurse then, and give me one of these every night for a week as I want to taper off this "sleep" medicine. She said that that didn't sound like tapering off. I said it is, and that I'd tell her when I needed one. So here I sit, a newbie to this site, hoping for some support as I get ready for some long days. I just hope she hides them, and I can keep from tearing the place down looking for them. And I hope she doesn't get too curious as to why she's doing it. But if she does, I'm ready. Because... it's time. If you've got some words of encouragement, they'd be much appreciated.