... later. I was in shock to be alive. So then I took 80 Ritalin, 20 Remeron and 30 trazodone.
I never fell asleep. I lied in bed for 20 hours waiting to die. Apparently they totally counteracted the depressants.
I had my husband take me to the hospital because I didn't have any of my pills left. And that would have been worse than dying.
I spent 3 days on the medical floor and 15 in the psych unit. It was just for punishment, they prescribed all my pills again!!!
I have vegetative depression. And also suffer from PAWS, post acute withdrawal syndrome which can last 2 years. I went off pain medicines last November.
I want to be able to have a life, but I am way to down to live one.
Traditional methods don't help. I dread everything. I should have died, now I really feel I don't belong here.
Anyone have this darkest depression?