I was on Oxycontin 80mg (1-3x daily) and (2-10/325) percocets for break thru pain. This combo worked well for me for years... When they changed the Oxycontins, I was afraid to take them, since Europe and Canada won't allow them into their countries. My doctor changed me to Opana ER (40mg 3xdaily). Now all I do is lay in bed sick! My head is killing me, I woke up this morning, just before I was fully awake, and thought I was in labor! The pain in my "gut" and back is incrediable! I can't take this anymore! I want my life back! I read on one of your sites that a patient got their doctor to give them 100mg Demerol with Lortabs for in between. They are doing great! I know I can take Demerol, been on it a few times for acute pain. It works great for me. I've also been on Duragesic Patches and Morphine ER. The patches worked great, but I had a lot of itching where the patch was... Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?? Please, I want to play with my grandchildren again and have somewhat of a life again... Please help.