I'm just wondering what to do, I have a disc that ruptured and a part of it, about the size of a quarter is lodged between the L-4 and L-5, and I have chronic nerve damage from this and 3 more bulging discs. L&I won't let me see another doctor as my claim has not been open yet. They won't prescribe me anything for pain and so I went to another doctor on my own, he said he could still treat me and that I could switch if I wanted to. Now comes the fun part, I have been living in constant pain for about 5 years with this and no one has offered me any meds besides mobic, my mother gave me a couple vicoden to try and they worked for me. I told the new doctor and he won't treat me and put it in my file that I'm not to receive any opiates because of this. So my question is can he put this in my records for everyone to judge me, even though I wasn't being treated at the time I took the meds. I have documented legitimate proof there is something seriously wrong with me, yet nobody wants to help me at all. The first Doctor told me I had arthritis the 2nd said I had fat cells on my back,I'm not even fat. After an MRI, Bonescan, nerve study and dye image contrast test you would think that they would have enough proof to know I am in allot of pain. Sorry so long I'm just very frustrated that these doctors don't seem to care if you live every day of your life in pain. What ever happened to the oath they took to do no harm? If anyone has any information at all it would be greatly appreciated. I live in Washington if that helps, as I'm sure the laws probably differ from state to state. Thanks so much in advance.