I was diagnosed with OPSTD..Ongoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by my previous medical doctor. There's nothing you can do for that. I have no therapist right now, they refuse to give me one. I don't do well in groups and making me go to two. I have no friends. My friend died in April and boyfriend broke up with me too. Miscarried in May. I decided I can't be friends with my only friend who is an alchoholic and drug attic... my x-fiance. He always yells at me, always , I can't take it anymore. He refuses to get heath insurance and needs his high mg of synthroid. He has mood swings. I also get very upset when hear icecream trucks, seeing kids, baby diapers, pregnancy tests. I am so lonely. All I have is my cats. I can't do anything to myself because of them. I love them very much. I hate where I live, the state , the community. I can't work. I can't drive more than 10 min cause I'm afraid I'm gonna get in an accident. I am so tired from not sleeping good or my meds make me tired. I feel no ones helping me. Sometimes my mom and dad are making me feel more miserable. I want to stay in bed all day, or at least the apartment. I'm even having a hard time making friends on the other forum. I am at the age where I know I will never have kids, I hate my life. Been hit, beat up, abused, pushed, accidents, emotionally abused, yelled at. Can someone help me through this? I don't ever want to look for another guy again. It seems they all seem to be sick just like me or worse. I hate being lonely. The cats are not enough anymore.