I can't believe I'm reading about young teenage girls being put on 20mg of lexapro. I'm a grown woman an 10mg was a lot for me. Now that I'm weening off of 10mg of lexapro and experiencing flu-like symptoms, shocking jolts throughout my body, and extreme fatigue, I've realized it's not worth getting on any medication that can affect your body like this! God only knows what the long term affects are. Before I started Lexapro I was diagnosed with panic disorder and it was affecting my heart so badly, palpitations, atrial fibrilation, chest pains. I'm only 26 and felt like I was going to die. I'm still struggling with that feeling but after weening down to 5mg now, I'm seeing things so differently. I felt so alone as if there was no help for me. But what was I thinking? We have so many wonderful vitamins and minerals out there to help us now, it should be taking over the prescription drug world! We have 5-htp, b-vitamins, potassium & magnesium supplements, co-q10, melatonin, and of course your daily multi vitamin. We need to start educating eachother on all of these alternative sources! We're not alone and there is a cure for this if we can take a minute to help ourselves and stop listening to people that think anti-depressants are the only way. If anyone has more knowlegde on how to replenish the body back to it's healthy state again after quitting this terrible drug, please share with me. I would like to learn as much as I can