i need to know what the hell is going on.. Im 39 years old i was in a coma in june for 2 weeks from septis shock all my organs shut down and didnt know if i was gonna make it.I have hep c and have had it untreated for about 10 years.The coma was brought on by a shot ot heroin that was cut to hard with rat poison,,anyway im here now thank God and ive been on every medication you can imagine. My g/f is super hot so there is no problem with me being super horney and wanting her but i can get half an erection and then it goes away with in min it may stay semi but when it does that i know there is noww reason to continue because i can tell ill never have an orgasm. ive always had a little bit of trouble ejaculating while on pain meds but it was just delayed and with a semi... im om 80 mg of methadone now but once a month ill be able to achieve orgasm and then its with a half an erection.I am so aggrivated about this i can do nothing but cry because i can take care of her in other ways but she cant do it for me any way she trys and its not her i know... its me and my meds or my mind or both can someone help me with some ideas???
its getting harder on me emotionaly everytime it doesnt work cause ive let her down again and she hurts more because she thinks its her!!! Id love to try some viagra but my pcp wants me to see a uroligist and nuroligist first... i keeep telling to give me some viagra and then maybe if i can get back to normal or close to normal with a little assistance ill get my reassurance back and ego or whateveryou cal it and then go from there!!! some one help with this i know its pretty in dept but who better to ask... thanks