... days without tapering it. I just had a baby and developed mastitis (breastfeeding infection) so I still needed some antibiotics since I had to stop the penicillin. So I contacted my OB who -lucky for me- asked if the ER doctor put me on a tapered dosage. I told her 'no' and she was very surprised and told me to double check the instructions/bottle when I got home. I didn't give it much thought until the 10 days were almost up and I did some research to see why it's supposed to be tapered. When I saw what can happen from an abrupt stop I immediately called my OB back and she was shocked the ER dr prescribed it in this manner. She called in a prescription so it could be tapered. So, she had me do 30 mg for 2 day, then 20 mg for 2 days, 10 mg for 2 days and 5 mg for 2 days. When I went from the 60 mg to the 30 mg I had the most excruciating leg pain for about 48 hours. At some points I could not even walk or stand up at all. I have also been having fatigue and some joint pain in my wrists, ankles, knees, and fingers. In this short time I have deveIoped a moon face, lost five pounds and then gained it right back a few days later, also my abdomen is much larger. I finished the taper yesterday, so in total I took this drug for 17 days. I am wondering if anyone else thinks it is odd that the dr would prescribe 60mg daily for 10 days just for hives and then an abrupt stop without tapering it? Couldn't this have resulted in serious side effects? Also, was the leg pain (to the point of being unable to stand up) a withdrawal symptom or is this a sign of adrenal crisis? How do I know if my adrenal glands are functioning good or if they have been compromised by the medicine? Was this taper slow enough or should it have been done differently? Is there anything I need to be aware of after being on this, even though it was not long-term, it was such a high dosage that I am concerned about what effects it may have. Today is my first day not taking the medicine and I am fearful of adrenal crisis because of what I have read on it, but I don't know if I took it too short of time to be concerned. Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to get some general input on what people think about this situation. My legs are still hurting but they feel 100x better than what they did