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I broke my back and hack chronic pain. Will Marinol help pain?

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Inactive 18 Nov 2011

Marinol is an appetite stimulator that is given to cancer patients and others with no appetite. In the clinical setting, of my patients on it, it did nothing for them ... no munchies or any type of buzz. But that's my experience with the drug.
Although your urine drug screen will be positive for THC. As far as I know, no additional pain relief.
Peace Bro,

Buddy1971 18 Nov 2011

I know of a gentlman that has (I know I'm gonna spell this wrong) celluitis that that keeps coming back & I'm not sure but he was a Vietnam vet & my brother said he has "jungle rot" but he's in a ton of pain & has a prescription for 516 100 mg morphine sulfate a month & also marinol and he's very heavy so I imagine he takes it for pain & as the other poster said it is thc & a lot of people with chronic pain use thc for it so it seems to me it might help,I guess you could try & find out?

psoychak 18 Nov 2011

The way THC (Marinol/Dronabinol) works On pain, is as a Synergist. Sort of like how caffeine amplifies Aspirin to "Exedrin." A Synergist helps another drug (opioids or NSAIDS) so that you can take less pain medicine, and get a larger effect. The other plus is Opioids make your stomach upset, Marinol will help with that too. I believe it works on headache pain and other types of pain on its own, but that is debated. I have taken it safely for almost 10 years now. Marinol saved my life! Hope that helps (I am a Biochemist). free discount card

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