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I believe I have Restless Leg Syndrome. Is it possible to have fibromyalgia (spelling)?

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caladesigirl 16 Mar 2010

You could have it but you can have restless leg without having fibro. Fibro is more marked by pain in 12 of 18 locations and fatigue is usually a major complaint. My husband has restless leg but not fibro and I have fibro but no restless leg so you'll have to investigate the other symptoms.Good luck as there are meds for restless leg - mirapex.

desperate133 19 Mar 2010

I have been surfing the Internet trying to find out anything I could on my own to help problem. RLS is taking over my life and I am desperately looking for answers on my own. I currently take generic Requipp and I took Mirapex last year. Although the medicine works OK (once it gets into my system), I just want to exhaust every avenue to see if I am properly diagnosed. Thank you for your response... it doesn't sound like I have fibro. It helps to know that others are willing to reach out and help someone they don't even know. Thank you again.

Rainbow Chaser 17 Mar 2010

its possible your RLS is due to fibro. RLS was actually the first symptom I developed but I was 8yrs old at that time.
RLS can also be caused by not getting enough potasium so try adding bananas into your diet I recommend 2 a day

bkpinto 21 Mar 2010

I and several others I know were having restless legs at night. I was told to put a bar of soap between the bottom sheet and the mattress in the leg area, and you'll never believe it-- it works! Nobody knows why, but it's safe and easy to try it. I still get a little once in a while, but not like before. Really! Try it! you have nothing to lose. Lots of luck, I hope it helps you too. free discount card

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