I applied a combination of wintergreen and eucalyptus oils to my knee for a sprained knee from stumbling. I had read that the combination was good for that. So maybe I'm not as bright as I should be, I didn't know how toxic they are. I did some one day and less the next, but did not do that again as I was getting burning sensations in my abdomen and sacroiliac joints. I've had some pain and cramping in my legs since then, but at first I just thought it was from the fall. I've had some cramping in my right side, but I tend to have gallbladder problems. However, I have had tinnitus which I have read is a symptom of toxicity, but since I tend to get it anyways I didn't pay much attention, except that it has been worse. This was maybe 3-4 days ago. I'm guessing that at the most I might have applied 1 1/2 to 2 ml total of each oil (possibly 4 mls in all, I'm sort of guessing here) during those 2 days. What I'm really worried about is possible liver damage. My husband doesn't think I've been sick enough for that