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I am with a medical office and we would like to get samples. Who can I contact?

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Inactive 20 Jan 2012

Hello smithdana9. You might contact the pharmaceutical company that markets the particular drug, medication you are inquiring about. Best wishes,pledge

Inactive 21 Jan 2012

If you work at a medical office, you would know that the drug reps that come in to speak with your physicians are who leave samples with the physician...

Inactive 21 Jan 2012


Inactive 21 Jan 2012

Well, it's true!

Inactive 21 Jan 2012

You said it right on Mary!!
to old for BS lol

Inactive 21 Jan 2012

Good call Mary!!

Inactive 21 Jan 2012

I worked at doctors offices for years, & know the drill. Drug Reps come in with their brief cases full of crap for the girls up front for advertising, pens, tablets, kleenex box holders & yes light switch holders for viagra which are really cute if you can picture what is used for what! ha! You know up for on down for off! Anyway the have to sign in to a particular book & when the doc has a few spare minutes he will talk to them about their new drugs, & leave him samples. That's how it works... Mary free discount card

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