I'm seeking help for pain mgmnt. for "failed back syndrome" as recommended by a respected anesthesiologist. He referred me to (what I call him... ) "Dr. Devil". My first visit... I was running out of oxycodone, 5mg tabs (because I was taking them according to directions, NOT overuse). Dr. Devil would NOT give me an rx... he ordered a drug screen. I was concerned there may show TOO MUCH oxycodone... IT SHOWED NONE!!! Dr. Devil will NOT rx any pain meds because "You're not taking it according to directions". DANG IT... I AM!!! He also wouldn't order another urine screen. "Once we have a "baseline" we never order another test. In YOUR case, it showed no opiate... you're NOT taking the meds, you're NOT getting another urine test OR any pain meds!"

On our way home, my friend came up with the idea, "Maybe he thinks you're selling them!"

Is it now on my "permanent record"? OR when I find a new pain management source do I neglect to tell them I saw Dr. Devil?

Has anyone ever heard of such a ludicrous thing? Also, now it's on my record that I "don't take my pain meds", and the jerks I see (especially my Primary) won't rx any, "because you're seeing a pain specialist"! I'M SUCH A VICTIM, here... WHAT DO I DO NEXT??? HELP!


PS Has anyone ever heard of opiates NOT showing up in urine tests? ..and, does anyone have a clue WHY it didn't show up?