I am very sensitive to meds. I was on tramadol for pain did not work for me due to I could not take at night, caused severe insomnia, severe sweats, made hotflashes every five minutes. Slowly withdrew myself offm, but had serious withdrawals and was seen in emergency room. now I still feel brain fog, equilibrium is off. Doctor placed me on gabapentin when I was in emergency room, this just made withdrawal symptoms worse, can't even drive my own car. GP decided to take me off everything to see if body will get back to normal. Its been close to 8 days off of tramadol and 2 days of gabapentin. My brain feels crawlly, pain is level is high. I have tried all kinds of holistic things, due to that is me, acupuncture, therapeutic massage. Nothing has worked for my pain. Is there anyone else who is sensitive to meds, but has found something that has worked to control pain. I want my life back.