This has happened 2 times in the past 3 weeks, I am taking Zoloft, Klonipin and Valium. I can not find any side effects from those that would cause this.

Here is what happened: I was laying on the couch and my husband came home and I talked to him, and he asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said let me think about it because I'm on the phone with your mom. He started shaking me and I told him to leave me alone. Then I realized I had fallen asleep and I thought I was awake.

Then a few days ago my 13 year old son was talking to me and I told him to wait a minute I was on the phone with dad, and he said, no you're not because your phone is sitting over here. Apparently I was asleep (again) and it truly felt like I was awake.

But I know when I am awake (like now) and this is how I feel when I am asleep but I don't know it. And on the flip side of that, I know when I am not asleep, like now.

I have also had an incidence with the whole 'old hag syndrome' aka 'sleep paralysis'. That happened before I started my meds for anxiety & ocd, and now this problem. I've been on these meds for about 8 months.

I haven't had any kind of trauma or change that would cause something this odd to happen, and I worry that it will get worse. My doctor thinks I'm a hypochondriac, but I certainly am not - I've had 9 surgeries in the past 9 years (everything from c-section to disc replacement) and I feel like he doesn't take me seriously.

What should I do? Anyone have the same kind of sleep issues that can help me out?