.today is my first day. yes I know its not a big deal but holy crap.. im nervous, i didnt think this was a problem until i suddenly couldnt stop or i would get really sick. i put the pills catorgized at a certain amount and decreasing every week. so far its like 2 in the day, 3 at night (I am going to see how 3 does this night, if i get sick, ill take another one) i usually take like 17 or so of the 50mg at night... ) and i do that for a week and then i decrease that number every week. im thinking 2 will last me and keep me from withdrawals in the day time, ironically i dont really get sick during the day, but i honestly dont like getting high in the day time. its mostly at night after work and the house is peaceful. last night i took 6 pills and slept fine (didnt really get high) but i woke up in sweat. and felt icky during the day so i took two today and its 4pm now and i feel fine. so i know my body doesnt need a whole lot to not feel the withdrawals too much... im ranting i know, but this is the only place i really have. this is a huge secret and i want to keep it that way. anyway, any suggestions to any herbal teas or "what not to eat or drink" during tapering down dosages? i am very committed into stopping. these are my last amount of pills so i have no choice, im going to get clean either way as i have no "drug dealers", so either way im doing it, and i rather feel less pain then more. :/ any suggestions would be awsome