I am currently taking several anti epileptic meds and have been doing so well in the past 6 months. My life has become in control and I am functioning again, as a parent/wife. I am so happy. I have suffered from epilepsy for some unknown reason for the last 6 years. Lost memories from the past, unable to remember new things after about 6 months and unable to function well on a daily basis. I had nightime seizues with simple ps for several days to follow and couldn't think straight, said wrong words, basically became a retarded person for days at a time. This was happening every few days and my life was just a mess. After a couple years I was so depressed my family took me to a Psych who put me on the effexor and I have been on it for 4 or so years. Now that all things have seemed to get so much better and my life has got to the point were I feel in total control (finally found the right epilepsy med combo and doses for my illness). My Husband has been encouraging me, along with my regular Dr, to stop taking the Effexor, they say it is a bad drug. Now all is going so well with things I agreed. I have decreased the effexor to 75mg for two weeks and have had side effects as expected. I had four days worth of the worst seizures last week. One night I had 6 in all and have had many normal after effects, yesterday I couldn't even think of words I wanted to say and said the wrong things so many times. This has not happened in such a long time. Could this really have anything to do with the change in medication? Should I leave things as they were and remain happy even if the pill is evil. (It was our idea to stop, not the neurologist). Could things have reversed so far back so quickly for any other reason? I feel desperate. Any advice?