hi there i am trying to quit pain killers. i had a co worker talk to me about my habit two weeks ago..he said something good.told me dont fool yourself, this stuff is nothing to fool around with. get off them now. even if you tell yourself you only take a certain amount you are still fooling yourself. please get help..well i am wondering if i go to an urgant care center will they be able to help me? i didnt take any tue and wed. thu night took 2 to wean off..yesterday i messed up and took 8. i am on 7.5 vikes. i have had back n female issues so thats how i got them but i am concerned i am not taking them correctly because they make me feel good. i realize now i have a big problem but know this too shall pass. any advice to get rid of flu like stomach issues?

i am eating jello and drinking tons of water. cranberry juice..i tried to take vitemin but i vomited it up... so will wait till stomach calms down... i have no clue how to tell the b.f. he knows i use... he wasnt too concerned before as i told him i only take them occasionally but i think later on he did talk about how he would be afraid of getting addicted so he wont try or take them. i think he knows i have a problem..maybe he doesnt know how to say anything to me..but tonight i am going to tell him i am kicking the habit... he then will figure out i lied to him a month or two ago when i first went to him crying that i cant get off them..he asked if i was taking every day..i lied and said no. i wish i had been truthful. either way i know he will be there for me. i know i can do this... its painful but i know i can kick this. i have been through worse than this.

i really need to get to a therephist so i can relearn how to cope with life... had i gone ayear ago i dont think i would be here. its weird how life is. please pray for me to kick the habit.

thank you