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I am trying to find a coupon for mylan 25mcg fentanyl patch on line?

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6 Jun 2010

You could try They have a coupon you could print out and use right away for up to 75% off medications. They also have a number you can call. They helped me a lot. They even sent me a list of comparable meds to the ones I take, in which the pharmaceutical companies offer them for free to people who can not afford their meds. You can also contact the company who makes the patch directly. Most manufacturers have programs to assist people with their meds. You could also call the different pharmacy chains as they have to be competitive. Some offer in-store discounts and big savings if you transfer your prescriptions to their stores. If you look up a member here, Marjorie Zych, she too has some great ideas on medication programs to help with paying for meds. She knows quite a lot, click on "Find a member" on the right side of the page when you log on and type in her name. You may be able to ask her a question directly.

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