i take 4mgs of suboxone a day i started almost 3 yrs ago taking 8mg 3x a day... i have gone down to 4mg 1x a day... i am finding that i am having a harder time going down now that i am on a lower dose a day... i still have the 8mg tablets and i break them in half and take one half (4mg) at 3:00pm. i have noticed that if i try to break the 4mg half in half i wake up the next morning a lot earlier than normal and feel EXTREMELY anxious and uncomfortable and sometimes take more (in my sleep) to ease the "pain". can anyone give me any advice? i am new to this, i just registered... so i am not sure how to get anyones feedback... hopefully i will figure it out! if ANYONE has any advice that would be AMAZING! thank you sooo much!