I am truley a Vyvanse Vet! I have been on this drug for over 5 years now (70 mg)?Recently, (3 months ago) I started taking Armour Thyroid (60mg) for my Hashimotos disease. At my last appt. I informed by Dr. that I have been expirencing a bit of Anxiety and we agreed that maybe it was time to decrease my vyvanse to 60mg, we contributed this anxiety to the fact that between the Armour and Vyvanse my metablolisam was in overdrive, although I have not lost any weight. So, here I am 2 weeks later and completely tired in the A.M. even after my vyvanse should have kicked in, and loose all focus by noon. This is not good, because I am a Full-time student doing my Clinical Procedures and need to be on top of my game! My question is this: Should I contact my Doc now and see if he can put me back up to 70mg? I know how my insurance company and pharmacy are when it comes to controlled substances. I just cant imagine feeling this way for another 2 weeks!!