... avoid being thrown into accute withdrawals. (I tried to edit first line but it wouldnt let me, so i'll try to clarify now) I am planning to transition from methadone (at 75mgs./day) to oxycontins (at say 100mgs./day or less) then to suboxone. I have been taking oxycontin to ease withdrawals from methadone, but the addict in me started abusing them again. Anyway, if I can get down to say 80mgs./day of oxy, would it make for a better transition to suboxone than it would have been from methadone?I have always had severe withdrawals, and am wanting to know how long after my last oxycontin should I wait to aviod being thrown into severe accute withdrawals when I take the suboxone. Remember, I will also be in withdrawals from the methadone so I will be seeking the shortest term possible.my plan is to take my last oxycontin one night before bedtime, and take the suboxone when I wake up in the morning. (this will make a week or more off methadone). will this work or do i have to be in withdrawals from oxycontin, also. I may be way off, but my reasoning is that the methadone has a much longer lifespan than the oxycontin- right? if so, then I wouldn't have to wait as long while in withdrawls transitioning from oxys to suboxone than i would from methadone, right??? I have been told by a few other addicts who are taking suboxone that i only have to worry about accute withdrawls happening with the methadone/suboxone mix but im worried about having the same problem with the oxys ??? Has anyone had the experience of going directly from oxys to suboxone, and if so, how long did you have to wait after your last oxy and how much were you taking?