I am thinking to my self right now that I WANNA smoke WEED again maybe I think this will help IDK because,I couldn't live life before without it and now I still can't live life off of it ,or maybe it is that I have a poor family,or maybe no job,it could be alot of maybe's.What I am saying is why is it even after,I escape the reality of physcoactive substances am I still burdened in the HELL mist's of the Pyscotropic one's.When will life turn in my favor,why do I argue back or give my opinion because I think that I know more than the other person I am talking to(BY THE WAY IS THAT A MENTAL DISORDER).Why is it that because I am finally learning the truth of what scientist's are doing to people I am feeling sick.I feel sad for the people who don't know what's going on behind closed doors.They should know and when I say "What they are doing"I mean "Testing various drugs on people as experiments".It's not right.I probably just sound like I am losing my mind or a crazy man.I am too tired to write anymore.So feel free to speak your mind cause as of now I don't know which direction I will turn in a couple of hours.I will either be severly depressed or I will be smoking.So how about that america take this letter and put it in your ARCHIVES.LOCK ME AWAY."IT WOULDN"T BE THE FIRST TIME".OR MAYBE GOD CAN HEAL ME??