I am terrified, I received a call yesterday by some receptionist at my PMC doctors office telling me to make an appointment, due to the fact that my blood work and further tests shown by the x-ray oncology specialist that my giant cell tumor in my metacarpal area and the tumor may be cancerous and I might need prior treatment before surgery, so the cancer does not spread during surgery. Is this true, can this happen? And why would a Dr. have a receptionist call and tell me this. When I called back to find out why, My PMC told me she had no right to make the call and was only told to ask me to make an appointment to come in asap to be seen as she (PMC) needed to talk to me in person. Why would someone do this to me, I am sick to my stomach, I 've been crying non stop. And don't know what to think now. I really don't want to die, and I'm scared beyond comprehension right now. Please advice. Please someone help me through this.