I'm on predisone for low platelet count, although its not low enough to have caused bleeding. However, I have to see a hemotologist. Apparently there are antibodies that are depleting my platelets. My doctor first started me with an IV of a steroid Solumedrol and then 60 mg a day of predisone. In one week my platelets were well above the minimum of 150,000, then the next week followed by the next, they dropped. So my doctor lowered dose to 50 and now 45. It's only been a month and my stomach is distended and painful. I have other gastric issues and was horrified to look in the mirror and see that moon face. Let's not even go into the increased appetite. However, since I lost 70 pounds and can finally get back in my clothes, I'll be dang to gain it back, so it's mind over matter. That was 8 pounds ago. Anyhow, I don't see how this medication is working and the side effects are too much so today I backed it down to 30. I may up it to 35. That's not too far from the doctor's order of 45. Of couse I will talk to her about getting me off this medication but won't divulge that I'm already tapering I feel better today, with less appetite and bloating. In the past, i've been on 5 day tapered dosages for hives and another allergic reaction and it worked like a charm, practically overnight, but this month long hell is taken it's toll.