I have cervial spondylodis and very bad back and take the Tramadol for that but also for Depression. It kills two birds with one stone. I do not think I'm addicted but there isn't an alternative I can find to switch to. The benefits of Tramadol in this case outweigh the negatives. The only thing that ever worked for the pain before was Prendisone which I cant take and stronger opiates which I do not want. My doctor tried to give me Vicodan with Paxil as an alternative but I said no and remain on the tramadol. 300mg a day is the dosage--100mg 3 x a day. I do not feel like I took a drug nor get a "high". It just numbs the pain somewhat and I am not crying depressed nor jumpiong for joy. I feel normal and it took 4 years to get this way, trial and error. So why do I hear on news that Tramadol is being abused and is a bad thing all of a sudden, I hardly think it gets you high, just dulls pain for me. It is even sold over the counter in some countries so I don't see what the problem is?