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I am taking neurontin for my neurapathy and I was wondering if I can take flexiril for my bac?

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Cathleen186 11 Feb 2011

Hi there, just a simple answer. My doctor has precribed for me Neurontin 300mg 4X daily for anxiety. Then he prescribed flexeril for lower back problems 10 mg when needed. So I think it's ok, but ask your pharmacist or doctor because everyone is different when it comes to meds.

Anonymous 11 Feb 2011

My hubby takes neuontin 300 mg. for pain, & he takes Flexeril also 10 mg. at a time up to 4 a day. I agree with Cathleen!

LaurieShay 11 Feb 2011

According to this site, there is moderate interaction between these two drugs. They both affect the central nervous system (CNS). They have a depressive effect on the CNS and can cause a decrease in respiration. The also can adversely effect your ability to drive or operate dangerous machinery. so use caution until you know how they affect you.

That being said, it is ok to take them just be careful and be aware of the side effects.


caringsonbj 11 Feb 2011

I* think Cathleen is right, I can't take flexeril so as she said just to be safe you can ask the pharmacist or the doctor, you take care free discount card

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