I work nights three nights a week. I know I should take my levothyroxine at the same time every day 1/2 to 1 hour before I eat. I also take prilosec which I should take 1/2 hour before I eat. I take them both before breakfast, the levothyroxine first, then 1/2 hour later the prilosec then eat about 1/2 hour after that. When I work nights, I take the meds like usual but then, after I eat, I go to bed. I know you should take the levothyroxine in the morning because it can cause insomnia which I already have. I take restoril 15 mg nightly for insomnia but I need 30 mg when I try to sleep during the day and still have trouble. Am I doing this right? Is there any other way I should be taking my levothyroxine? Thanks