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I am taking a urine test soon it will include methadone, will the suboxone Im on show up?

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mpvt 22 Jun 2009

Hard to say but I would bet yes especially if they're checking for methadone. Take in your prescription for the suboxone and you'll be fine... good luck... Dave

jim123456 27 Jul 2009

i read you answer to the post in ref to anxity. whay i am wondering . the pain you have is that due toa injury ? i ask this because you said after taking the subutex you did not hurt ??
is this correct ? i have ahd 18 surguries & procidures to a back broken in 2 places in 94 14 yrs morphine pimps & oral. had to detox bue to bowel problems. they gave me subutex @ my pain is way down before i was in the e.r. every 4 to 6 weeks they had to sedate me with valum & thordal on iv push. this got really old but did the subutex help with the pain. how long have you been on the subutex???
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